This page lists use cases of autonomous systems that are relevant for applying verification and/or for further experiments. Please note that these use cases may not have been developed by members of the A&V network. We claim no ownership of them and offer no support, they are merely use cases that we had some experience with and thought they could be useful to other people.

  • Mars Curiosity Rover — a comprehensive simulation of the Mars Curiosity rover using ROS1 and Gazebo. Includes several realistic environments, as well as support for controlling the rover via Virtual Reality and a web application for interacting with the rover.
  • Remote Inspection Rover in a Nuclear Waste Store — a simulation in ROS1-Gazebo of a Jackal rover performing remote inspection in a nuclear waste store; the Jackal uses a (simulated) sensor to take radiation measurements of its surroundings.
  • Autonomous Driving Cars Combining Agent-Programming and Deep Neural Networks — a framework for combining BDI agents (Jason) and a ML model, running in the CARLA simulator and evaluated through a set of official benhmarks from the “Leaderboard” competition.