Members of the network have produced a variety of software tools related to the verification of autonomous systems.

The list below gives a short description of each tool. Click “More Details” for the tool’s detail page.


Rafael C. Cardoso

The ROS-A is an interface designed for integrating cognitive agents into robotic systems developed using ROS. Programming cognitive agents to autonomously control robots allows us to separate high-level control from low-level operations.

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Model Checking Agent Programming Language

Louise A. Dennis

The Model Checking Agent Programming Language (MCAPL) framework is a suite of tools for building interpreters for agent programming languages and model checking programs executing in those interpreters.

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ROS Monitoring

Angelo Ferrando

ROSMonitoring is a framework to support runtime verification of robotic applications developed using the Robot Operating System (ROS).

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Matt Luckcuck

A runtime verification toolchain called Varanus that interfaces with a robotic system, interprets its behaviour, and checks it against a formal specification written in CSP.

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